Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun With a Hose

Apparently the activity of choice once the tv goes off (and Mom goes out to the back yard) is to spray a hose into Mom's piano room through the window. I've never been so close to murdering a couple of six year-olds before in my life. Water pouring through the floor into the basement. Luckily my piano seems to have somehow miraculously escaped the majority of the water. Only my sheet music appears to be damaged. Give me a year, and if my piano survives, I'll probably laugh.

 It is amazing how after screaming and yelling, and spanking and banishing kids to their rooms, and crying and fuming, once I surveyed the damage, forgave the little bugers, hugged them until they stopped crying, and told them that I love them, it's amazing how much better it feels to forgive than to fume.

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