Friday, August 31, 2012

Justin is the New Carl Sagan

Since Lydia passionately hates Justin Beiber, and REALLY doesn't like Elvis Presley either, I've been having a lot of fun hiding Justin Beiber / Elvis pictures all over her things.  She has already discovered these, so they are safe to post.  Every time she finds one, she screams and rips it up.  She even screamed in the middle of Sunday School class, and ran to the trash can vigorously shredding the one I left in her scripture case.  Here were some of my hiding places:

Justin inside her bathroom cabinet.

 a morph of Justin and Elvis inside her scriptures.

 Inside her makeup case

 Inside her sketch book

 Inside her yet unused makeup case.

 shuffled inside a deck of her magic cards

 on her school binder

 inside her band music

 in her drawer

 decorating her room in general

 on her pillow

and a message from Justin himself on her facebook page.

P.S.  For anyone wondering about the Carl Sagan reference, here's a link.

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