Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Fun

Bruce and Lydia started the day off with some squirrel hunting. About 10 minutes after they got home, Lydia called me to "Come and look at this!" on the front porch. I was busily trying to get the house in order so we could leave, so I wasn't thinking about where they had just been. I opened the door and saw this:
Like I said, I wasn't thinking about squirrel hunting, I just opened the door to my daughter holding what looked to be a large, dead, furry rodent by the tail. I screamed like a little girl and jumped in a circle, frantically shaking my hands. Lydia, Bruce and I all had quite a laugh at my sissiness. Clayton took the dead squirrel much better than I did.
Next we went to the state park with my parents. Justice wasted no time in finding a tree to climb. Can you see that little patch of red high up in the tree? That's him. He's the most sure footed kid I've ever seen. If Lydia had tried this at his age, I would have freaked out!
Here's a dog that Mark named Sirius Black. What a life this dog has! We were informed that he lives up the street from the picnic area where we were. He comes and shares in all of the picnics that everyone has. You couldn't ask for a nicer dog! The kids played fetch with him while the adults cooked. We miss our Chloe, and were happy for a canine to share our scraps and fun with. He was certainly fed well! I had to laugh when as soon as our picnic was over and the people at the next table down were getting out their hot-dogs, he took off and decided to hang out with them.
We roasted marshmallows. Yum!
Look closely at Clayton's "treat" that he cooked for himself. Not so yum!
In true Bruce fashion, he tried to have a little nap in the shade.
It didn't work out for him though.
Next we hiked for a couple of hours. I can't think of anything I like better than a hike with my family!
Lastly, the kids enjoyed a game of chess at the lodge while us old folks cooled our heels before we went home, just in time for bed.


timpani76 said...

This made me think of the movie UP where the dogs all yell "SQUIRREL!!!" when they see a squirrel. I have a slight fear of squirrels, so I would probably have screamed like a little girl as well.

lizS said...

dead squirrel, yum! and i totally had a mini-freak-out just SEEING that pic of justice in the tree, yowza! looks like you guys had tons of fun!

Bruce said...

that squirrel still had some nuts.