Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mah Feet Hurt

My day started at 4:30 when I got up and ran eight miles with my running buddies. Next did some minor house work and got Lydia off to girls' camp. It's her first year there. Dang that girl is growing up on me! I'm sure she's having a blast! I love that kiddo!

On the way back Clayton and I stopped off at the store to get some provisions for the day. I was tired already by then. However there was no time to sit. I did some laundry and quick threw a picnic together and got all my boys ready for a day of fun with Grandma Sever, Aunt Ashley and their cousins Jonni 7 and Erik 4.

We went several places including the Lock and Dam (I spelled it right this time!) Museum where the kids played inside for a good long while, then they splashed in the fake river thing outside. It was a LOT of fun!

Next it was off to the park by the river for a picnic and then to play in the really cool big fountain. Again the kids had a great time. I couldn't convince Ross that we weren't having a fun day to celebrate that Lydia was gone. Goofy Boy!

We were gone for a total of four hours. My feet were killing me so bad by the time I got home, but I couldn't sit yet. I had to finish some laundry so that Ross could have a clean uniform for his game, then I medicated and fed the dog and made dinner. Now I am thankfully sitting, and my feet are once again happy.

Poor Ross and Bruce are at the game. Ross was so tired, he absolutely did NOT want to play baseball tonight. Poor Bruce never gets a break between work and baseball. I'll be glad when this season is over!

In other news, I went to the music store yesterday and picked up a percussion set for Ross. He's all excited about starting band this year. I hope he likes it and continues with it!

The other day we were at my Mom's house and the kids were painting in the kitchen. Ross, Mark and Jonni were doing splatter paint. Ross asked me "Mom, didn't Michelangelo or Davinci or one of those guys get famous doing splatter painting?"

To which I replied "I don't know. You should ask Grandma. She knows a lot more about those guys than I do."

Ross got all excited and he said "Really!? Did she know those guys? She is pretty old after all!" Luckily Grandma laughed as hard as I did.


timpani76 said...

Jackson Pollock right?

Renae said...


Dana Cheryl said...

Timpani, yes it was JP that became famous for splatter painting...

R, I'm laughing outloud at the grandma comment. So funny!

What a day!

Renae said...

See, I didn't even know who the heck Jackson Pollock was. That's why I told them to ask their grandma. I didn't even realize that's what Timpani was referring to.

timpani76 said...

I will no longer refer to any painters ever again. They are all dead to me. DEAD!!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL!! I guess most of the famous ones really are dead... Man, that's a tough business. Gotta die to be successful.

guppygirl said...

So funny :) Love reading your blog <3 Tell your Mom hi for me next time you talk to her. Hugs!