Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silly Things

Ross started band camp yesterday. He's a proud percussionist. On the door of the band room is a picture of a gerbil with a french horn. I told Ross that the teacher turns all kids who misbehave into gerbils. We had a laugh over that.

Mark and Justice have reinvented the game of "got your nose" to "got your soul" or "got your ghost." Yesterday Justice whined and cried at me for about 15 minutes telling me to make Mark give his ghost back. I thought that it was some kind of toy and told Mark he'd better give it back right away, or else. Silly.


Dana Cheryl said...

sounds like a fun & busy day around your place. how do you keep up i wonder?!

timpani76 said...

I think it would be funny to hear you say "give your brother back his soul!!!" sometime

Eyepoke said...

SOunds like the line from Mortal Kombat (the movie):


Bruce said...

they have made little cubes out of alluminium foil. mark threw one at me and said "i got your soul, ha!" to which justice responded "i allready got dads soul! you cant have it. its mine. dad tell mark that i got your soul!"