Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of Lotion and Things

I've been using the same big bottle of lotion on my legs and hands all winter after every shower. The other day I noticed that it was not in fact lotion, but hair conditioner. Huh. Well it worked just fine. I see no reason to change its use.

Clayton keeps taking the dowel rods out of my roman shades and hitting things with them. Erk!

I signed Ross and Mark up for summer baseball. Bruce ended up being roped into being the coach for Ross' team because there was no one else for the job. He's going to be great (even if he is slightly peeved about it).


guppygirl said...

Love it! This is the type of thing I could easily do, lol. we purposely use an inexpensive shampoo in place of bubble bath. It's not as bubbly but the kids don't mind ;) Hugs!

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL!!! Seriously funny stuff! What kind of conditioner is it?