Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanging Out With Ross

I had a crazy (in a good way) day yesterday. I got up at 4:30 to run with my group (this is not unusual). On my way home, I had Ross' field trip on my mind. Ross had informed me that I could in fact go on his field trip, after school only the day before. (Oddly enough, that is the 2nd time this year this has happened to me). I had told Ross that it was just too late to find a sitter for Justice and Clayton. I wasn't going. Ross was disappointed. So on my way back from running, I was thinking: "Yes it's crazy, but I should do it anyway. After all, Ross only has a couple of field trips left. I should not miss this opportunity to spend the time with him."

So after much fidgeting and fretting on my part, my poor in-laws got a phone call at 7:00 a.m. asking if they could watch my two pre-schoolers for the day. Grammy and Pa are awesome people and great sports and they agreed. Bruce was a good sport and got all of our children and the three extras that I babysit off to school while I hurriedly got the two youngest kids ready and drove them the 20 minutes to Grammy & Pa's house. Then I rushed home, hurriedly threw myself together, packed a lunch and drove off to the Botanical Gardens. Luckily I found the school buses on the way there and was able to latch onto Ross' group as they were coming off the bus. The weather was great, and I was SOOO glad that I had given in to the insanity and spent the day with my Ross Boss!

This is some kind of memorial, so Ross was acting somber.

Ross was a good sport about being in a group that except for himself was made up entirely of girls. (It really wasn't such a big deal because his whole class stayed together anyway). However, Ross is a typical 10 year old boy. Can you pick out a theme in all of the following pictures?

Oh yeah. Other news that came the night before: Lydia informed me that she had a choir concert. Kids! So last night we went to Lydia's choir concert. Bruce and I took turns chasing Justice and Clayton around in the hall. Unfortunately, my pictures didn't turn out from that. Gym lighting is never good for pictures.

In between the field trip and the concert, I had a tussle with a computer virus. I think I won.
I am tentatively patting myself on the back. Now I have to go and tackle a couple of weeks worth of laundry that I've been too busy to get to, (in a seven person household, that is a LOT of dirty clothes) plus I have to sit down and do the bills, plus I have to clean up after all of these rug rats that are wrecking my house in every way imaginable as we speak. Heaven help me not to lose it today. I guess it's back to the grind after a day of fun.

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