Friday, October 30, 2009

The Difference Between Kids and Grown-ups

When I woke up and saw that my basement had standing water, I didn't whoop and holler for joy. I didn't have a ball splashing in the puddles in my basement. (After all, to a kid, what could be cooler than having puddles in your own basement to splash in?!) I did not go through 3 pairs of clothes playing in the basement. However, I couldn't resist a grin or two watching Justice and Clayton playing while I was shop vac-ing.


Eyepoke said...

That's why you're so cool.

timpani76 said...

Sorry about your basement! Terra Reed said on Facebook that we got 3 times the normal rainfall for October this year. I still have a half dozen gardening chores I want to do before the ground freezes, but this rain is preventing them!

guppygirl said...

Too cute :) Sorry your basement flooded. Sounds like you were awesome about it. Hugs!