Monday, October 19, 2009

Bock, Bock, Bock!

So, I've been taking some time off of the blog-o-sphere. As I was catching up on reading all of your blogs, my kids were driving me up the wall. I need a serious chill pill this morning or something! Am I just a terrible mom? I got up to check on things and found my camera on the floor (the one that we just got back from the fix it shop). I found the remains of about half a dozen chocolate - chocolate chip muffins, left over from breakfast, smashed all over the kitchen floor. I think that Clayton might have fed them to the dog. I hope she doesn't die! When I was throwing away the crumbs that I swept up, I found my stake music in the trash. While I'm taking care of all of that, Justice deleted my post that I had started. Then I had to go and get Clayton our of about a million things including opening up the cabinet and beating on the stereo system while he turns the volume UP and down, playing in the dirty dishes (I finally just took out the glass things and let him play with the rest), and literally taking apart my stove -top. I'm looking at a burner on the floor next to me right now. Does that make me a horrible mom?! I pushed his chair away from the stove about a hundred times! Argh! Just laugh it off, Renae. Just laugh it off. All too soon the house will be too quiet and too clean. It's all good.

Here are some things that I've meant to post, but just never got around to:
Things Bruce found in his shoes one morning

I can't tell you how wonderful my dog is! (who I hope is not dieing right now from eating all of that chocolate) She is so unbelievably good with my children! I really wish I'd learn how to use my camera so I could properly capture how adorable she and Clayton are together!

One morning I awoke to find Ross' coonskin hat on top of a stove burner that had been accidentally left on (on the lowest setting) all night long. I said a huge prayer of thanks that my house didn't burn down. Seriously!

Here's one of those moments that I love!

In other news, I spent the weekend satisfying the demands of a sick Justice. ( I giggle to myself at all the little word plays on Justice's name.)

The other day Justice asked me about his "naked." He asked, "Is it a little tail?" -lol!

A while back, Bruce set up the tent in the back yard and the kids slept in it for over a week (when the weather was still nice). They loved it! I cracked them up one morning by waking them, singing this song from our childhood (I think Brad taught it to us) - to which I had just made up a new verse (the last one):

I love you, I love you,
I love you so well
If I had a peanut
I'd give you the shell

I love you, I love you
with whole heart and soul
If I had a dough nut
I'd give you the hole

I love you, I love you
I love you so much
If I had a hammer
Your face I would touch

I love you, I love you
I love you, it's true
If I had a swine
I would give you the flu

Lastly, can you believe it? My daughter stole my skirt to wear to church yesterday! When did I get a child with whom I can share clothes? (True, it was rather long on her, but still!)

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Amy said...

I love that song. Your house is sooo much busier than mine!

Mine is definitely not "too clean" right now, or "too quiet" for that matter... Zach is currently doing his nightly head-banging. Literally, you know.