Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Animals Shocking Themselves

Chloe (our yellow lab) always greets everyone who comes to our house with a present of some kind. She picks up the first thing that she can find on the floor and brings it to whoever comes through the door. Today, when my sister in law came over, Chloe picked up a 9 volt battery. Amazingly enough, she dropped it straight away! I laughed. If it weren't for the fact that Clayton would pick them up and put them in his mouth, I'd leave 9 volts lying around on the floor more often. Maybe I could curb her over enthusiasm when we get company.

About a decade ago, Bruce and I had a BEAUTIFUL male cat named Hoth. He had long white fur with markings like a Siamese, and blue eyes. He was utterly gorgeous. The only problem with him was that he had a few habitual peeing spots other than his litter box. (It was this flaw that drove me to get rid of him.) One morning I was sitting in the living room. All of a sudden, Hoth screams and comes flying out from behind the TV stand, along with a bunch of smoke. The stupid cat had peed on the electrical strip and shocked himself! I woke Bruce up because I was afraid it would start an electrical fire. It didn't, so I laughed and laughed at that moronic cat. Served him right! (He was not damaged.)


Anonymous said...

hmmm. I wonder if we could break cloud of her peeness by leaving batteries in her favorite places?


timpani76 said...

I love Chloe! She's always happy to see everybody. Maybe a little too happy for QQ though ;)

John- I use this stuff from Petsmart that you put on the places they pee. I can't see the bottle because it's too high up, but Renae might know John since she gave me the bottle!

I used it on a rug and a big carpeted area, and the cats stopped peeing there!