Saturday, July 04, 2009

More Odd Bits

Okay, did everyone else already see this? Even though it is a bit heartless, it cracked me up:
Here's a picture that Mark drew for his dad:
(Note the arm.)
Oh, and here's a picture of Bruce with his father's day present.

In other news, this happened:Also, yesterday Ross and Mark decided it was time to teach their younger brother one of the important things for all boys to know. They were trying to teach Clayton how to spit.


Brad Carter said...

"Mom, help, I'm drowning in the toilet!"

"OMG, son, let me go grab my camera!"

It's okay, I'd do it too. :)

timpani76 said...

I saw the picture with the infomercial guy. That was a weird week for celebrity deaths wasn't it?

Seriously, spitting is sooooo important! I think Vance, being the oldest, was a late spitter. No older brothers to teach him the way of the saliva!

Dana Cheryl said...

Very funny! I'm sure that Billy Mays would take that as a fitting tribute. :)

Poor Bruce. Hope he's feeling better.

Sharp Times said...

Such funny stuff happening at your house with the older kids...Jace will eventually be the one teaching others, but not yet...btw he is a little over 10 months.