Friday, July 31, 2009

Extreme Sports for Toddlers

Yep, my little boys are already getting into the extreme sports. I'd show you a video, but I had to stop it before Clayton got hurt. I was in the kitchen last night doing dishes, when I turned around just in time to see a blur that was Justice (the 3 year old) sprinting past the kitchen doorway pushing the blur that was a wooden chair as fast as he could and to hear Clayton absolutely screaming with delight. It took me about half a second to comprehend what that meant. I went running to stop them. Clayton (the 13 month old) was kneeling backwards, hanging on to the back of the chair, while Justice was running back and forth across the piano and living rooms. They were having such a blast! I wanted to get out the camera, but I figured I'd better stop that one.


timpani76 said...

I don't think "extreme sports" and "toddlers" should be in the same sentence! Scary babies!

Jail Break said...

Is there any extreme sports for toddlers ? I think the easiest sports, I have a guess .. the skiing I think.