Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Work, Work, Work!

Bruce took time off from his job to work on getting our basement waterproofed. Bruce's dad came over and dug big trenches in the yard.

which we put drain pipe in and then filled with rocks.

We also dug a few smaller trenches by hand that run into the larger trenches.

The kids all had fun taking turns driving the back-ho:
Ross & Pa

Mark & Pa

Justice & Pa

Lydia & Pa

Noelle (our favorite extra) & Pa

Well, this picture doesn't show the entire first trench, but it's close.

Unfortunately we used all of the 15 tons of rock in the first trench. (This is the 2nd). The quarry was already closed, so we couldn't get any more while we still had the back-ho rented.

So, we had to shovel the other 7 tons of rock into the 2nd trench by hand, in the rain. Thanks to my wonderful family, who showed up to help, we got the job done.

Also unfortunately, Bruce had a mishap with a fire and a gas can, and he was out of commission for the last part of the project.

Also also unfortunately, it's been raining quite a bit since we finished that project, and we did get just a bit of dampness in the basement. BRHAROOM! So we are now thinking that it must be a water table thing and we are planning to jack-hammer a trench around the inside of the entire basement leading to a new sump-pump. It never ends! Anybody want to give me about $15,000 to finish all of the rest of the projects that need done around here?


Trever and Heather said...

15 tons of rock. Whoa, Nelly!

I have a better idea. Move to Utah, oh and bring your parents too. :)

lid said...

ok aaaaaawwwwwwww

Brad Carter said...

Geez, hope Bruce is okay.


Sammi said...

WOW! Is Bruce going to be alright? Looks like you've been busy.