Thursday, July 02, 2009

3 and 1

Yesterday, I took Justice and Clayton to the doctor for their 3 and 1 year old check-ups respectively. I couldn't help but remembering when I took Lydia and Ross for the same 3 and 1 year old check-ups. I remembered thinking how funny it was that my 3 year old and my 1 year old both weighed exactly the same: Ross 30 lbs, Lydia 30 lbs.

I was pretty sure that Clayton and Justice weren't going to weigh the same as each other.I was right. Clayton weighed 20 lbs, and Justice weighed 38.5 lbs. If you put it in perspective, Ross was half again Clayton at 1 year old, and Justice is nearly a third again Lydia at 3 years old. Or instead of weighing the same, Justice is nearly two of Clayton.

I don't remember what the difference between Ross and Mark was at those ages, and I don't feel like digging for a picture of them, so don't ask.

Oh and so I can remember in the future, here are a list of their accomplishments at present:

Clayton at 1 year old:

He just learned to walk about 3 weeks ago.
He climbs on the couch, but not on the kitchen table yet (thank goodness... that's probably next week - ha ha!)

He can say the following words:
Da da
daas (thanks)
dis (this)
ya oo (love you)
ba (bath)
ooh (hello)
For the majority of his "words" you'd have to be his mother to understand his lingo.

And, Bruce said he heard him calling for Lydia from his crib (Her bedroom is upstairs with his, so she is most often the one who gets him out of bed in the morning.)

Justice at 3 years old:

He recognizes all of the letters both capital and lowercase, can tell you their names and what sound they make.
He also recognizes all of the numbers.
He knows his shapes and colors, but he sometimes confuses red and orange.
He navigates the computer better than both sets of grandparents (though that might not be saying much).

Blaggidy blah, blah, blah... I'm shutting up now!


Renae said...

Something is wrong with the size thing here. It seems that once I change the font size, it doesn't want to change back. I even looked in the html tag, and it said that it was changed back, but when I published...?) Oh well!

timpani76 said...

The picture with Lydia and Ross is so cute! It looks like something from an old TV show.

Eyepoke said...

Your kids steal souls!

Dana Cheryl said...

It's so cool that Lydia & Ross were both the same weight. The pictures are so cute. I like how you added in the lingo too. Very cute!