Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy 15th Anniversary R&B

Before I get to our weekend, I want to give a quick hello to Holli Sharp, who I noticed found my blog. "Hey! Good to hear from you! I've done a bit of spying back. We'll keep in touch!"

Also, Aunt Jane, and a few of my cousin from Utah came to visit last week, and that was fun. I got to go for a run with my cousins. That's always good. We went to the zoo, and Ross got a lot of funny looks. Just before we left, Ross had been playing some game where he was dressed up in and old Halloween costume. He wasn't ready to take it off and stop playing whatever he had been playing, so he asked if he could wear his get up to the zoo. I didn't mind, so he went to the zoo in a black vampire robe (it looked especially great with his new mo-hawk). He didn't seem to care that people were giving him some weird looks.

So anyway, Bruce and I celebrated our 15th anniversary this weekend. We actually left our kids and went away for three whole days. We've never done that before. The last time we went anywhere without them (besides the hospital to have another baby) was 5 years ago, and we only stayed one night. It was totally awesome! We didn't have any big agenda, we just took it easy and did whatever we wanted. We went to Nauvoo for the weekend. We went running together, went to the temple, went for night time strolls, went to the movies, went to Carthage, stayed up and played cards, played our radio game in the car, and just enjoyed each-other's company. It was great. We get along very well, the two of us. I like that guy. We started counting deer that we saw on the way home, we counted 133 in our approximately 3 hour drive. Here are some random pictures that we took this weekend:

The Lizard Tree

Me with a big ox

Nauvoo Temple from Parley Street

Bruce at lunch

a sign I laughed at

Oh yeah! Clayton learned to walk while we were gone. I kind of figured that it might happen that way; he was pretty close when we left.


Malauna said...

That is a funny sign. Happy Anniversary!

lizS said...

yay, happy anniversary! glad you guys had a good time together!! there's nothin' like leaving all your kids and getting away by yourself. good stuff!!

JG said...

We had great fun getting to see you. Let's do it again.

Eyepoke said...

That sign is awesome!

Which one is the cow?


Eyepoke said...

Mea Culpa!

Sharp Times said...

Kudos to you for taking time out!! I just left Jace with a babysitter for the first time today that was not family...I know, I know, not the same!

Mary said...

"greedings!" ROFL