Thursday, June 25, 2009

Water Park Fun

I took the kids to the water park. Bruce couldn't come (because of his burned arm - it's actually pretty bad - but it's on the mend - slowly - and still rather painfully - I'd put up pictures, but it'd be too gross. The one that's on there now is very mild in comparison to how it got to look. He's going to have quite the conversation piece with his new scar (as if he needed a conversation starter - HAH!) Anyway, he'll be okay folks.)

As I was saying, Bruce couldn't come, so I took my brother Trent (the awesomest) with me to help watch kids. Trent took Lydia, Ross and Mark all around the place and they did all the slides and such. I attached Justice to my hip (Clayton stayed with Grandma - he's a bit young to appreciate a water park) and we played in the kiddie playgrounds all day. It was a very good time! I don't have any pictures because - duh, I'm not bringing my camera to a water park, and plus like I really need a picture of me in a bathing suit for the world to see.


Dana Cheryl said...

Oh gosh Nae! You look good in everything you wear!! A bathing suit would be no different. Silly!

Come on I doubt pix of Bruce's arm could be worse that the infamous snot picture!! LOL! He could put 'em up on his site. I miss reading his view of the world. :)

I can't believe that you noticed the additions to my blog namely General & Bago. I do agree with ya that picking Lydia over the cat was a good move! ha ha!!

I don't think there's any way around using Heartguard. Even the most adamant holistic dog people I know use it.

There are a few flea/tick tricks that really work. (According to the folks on the message boards & a friend of mine in MO.) Garlic! Ya know like the softgel garlic that's sold in bulk at Wally World. Four of those a day as well as baths in Avon's Skin So Soft.

My dog hates Brewers Yeast too unless I miss it in the homemade food. Then she'll eat ANYTHING! If your interested in trying to make your own dogfood let me know. I've got some great tips. I've worked it down do a really simple process. I know that ya'll hunt deer too & sometimes there are cuts of dear meat that are super tough. I've got recipes that will turn that into excellent dog food.

Brad Carter said...

Did you go to Wood River's pool? Man, I miss that place so much. No other community pool compares to that one. Our pool here in Oregon is only open for 4 hours a day. When I was a teen I spent all day at the Wood River pool, from open til closing at 8. What's with this 4 hours business??

timpani76 said...

I was also going to ask which water park? I was thinking about taking the kids to a water park this year, but I was not sure which one would be best for QQ & Vance.

Renae said...

We went to Raging Rivers. Ross, Mark & Lydia all got free tickets through a reading program at the school.