Monday, March 02, 2009

Amusing Tidbits

I just overheard this bit of conversation between my children:

Mark was vacuuming up some popcorn that he got all over the floor, and Ross unplugged it. When Mark complained, Ross said, "It smells awful!" (speaking of the vacuum)

Lydia says, "It does smell awful, but it's not the vacuum. It's just dinner."

-Thanks guys!

Earlier today, Bruce caught Justice sitting at the table, eating ice cream straight out of the box. He said "Hey, put that back in the freezer!" and took it away. About 2 minutes later, Bruce went into the kitchen to find Justice standing on a chair, with the freezer door open, eating ice cream out of the box, which was "in the freezer."


timpani76 said...

Justice and QQ think they are so clever! Good thing they ARE so cute ;)

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

That kid needs to become a lawyer, it seems that finding loopholes is his specialty! Now you need to teach him how to scoop it into a bowl, since it seems you won't be able to stop him getting into it. "If you can't beat them, at least teach them some basic hygiene."

(That is not to say I don't think you're teaching him basic hygiene...I think you know what I meant...?)