Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mark and I at the Zoo

I got to go with the kindergartners to the zoo yesterday. It was a great day. The cool thing about the kg field trips are that most parents are still excited about going on field trips with their children, and the school lets whoever wants to go come along. Therefore both kg trips to the zoo, that I've been on (I missed Lydia's because I was sick, and her grandpa went in my place), I only had my own child to look after. So, it was some great one on one time with my Mark. He discovered that the penguins can swim right under the sidewalk in their house. He had a great time running back and forth tracking them. He wanted to take pictures of every animal there, so I let him mostly. We got a bunch of blurry pictures of animals with their heads chopped off. But here are a few of the ones that turned out. Here's Mark pretending to be a spiderman.

This giraffe was cracking us up sticking his tongue out.
But, of course, this was by far my favorite animal at the zoo!


Bruce said...

the kid takes a good picture. dads miss out on stuff like school trips. i admit to being a bit jelous.

lid said...

funny funny