Tuesday, November 20, 2007

8, 16, and 32

I have to admit that these pictures aren't exactly 8, 16, and 32, but as I don't want to spend forever digging out pictures (I've already spent more time on this than I should have), these will have to be close enough. I added the caption to the youngest picture because it cracks me up. I don't know who wrote it, my Grandma maybe, but I don't think she meant it to end up in my hands. Yes, I'm the one pulling the face.

My cousin Heather asked in her blog: What were you like at 8, 16, and now. Hey, as I will be turning 32 very soon (I am controlling my impulse to gasp or shudder at being 32. You know it's funny how a lot of people start to think they are "old" at about 18-then meaning almost grown up- and keep on being more and more shocked the older they get. For me to say "oh my gosh, I am sooo old, will seem verry silly in about 10 years or so, so I will refrain). Anyway, I am again doubling that figure. Hence, I am responding to the inquiries:

What you wanted to be/ are now:
age 8: I wanted to play in "the symphony."
age 16: Please don't laugh, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I wanted to be a model. Ick! okay, you can laugh if you want to.
age 32: I am a full time mom. My ambitions are to someday be good at mothering, to be really good at the piano, and to someday run marathons. Once my children are all in school, I'm wanting to go back to school and finish my music education degree, and when it fits into my life, I'd like to be a music teacher.
Favorite Toy:
age 8: My small stuffed bear named Scoocher
age 16: I don't know, probably my headphones. I used to love to go for 10 mile walks and listen to Andrew Lloyd Weber on my headphones.
age 32: my piano
Favorite Game:
age 8: I hated most games, especially chess, checkers and stratego. My brother John beat the ruddy pants off of me so badly every time that we played, that I really hated games in general.
age 16: Still scarred from all of the poundings I took as a youngster, I was very much opposed to most games.
age 32: I don't know, I enjoy get together type games with large groups of friends. I like spades.
Favorite Color:
age 8: pink
age 16: yellow
age 32: I don't know. I always say purple because Lydia was the seller of purple in the bible.
Favorite Movie:
age 8: The Star Wars trilogy!!
age 16: ? Bill and Ted
age 32: Probably The Fellowship of the Rings, with an honorable mention to X-men, Galaxy Quest, Mystery Men, Princess Bride, oh and you can't leave out Monty Python's Holy Grail!
Favorite Thing To Do:
age 8: Act like an odd-ball with my brother John
age 16: Flirt, closely followed by acting like an odd-ball with my brother John and Amy (though she is loath to admit that she once partook -was a full participant in- the odd-ballness.
age 32: Apparently clean the kitchen over and over and over again. Argh! Go anywhere without my children -which usually produces giddiness which often translates into being and odd-ball. Play my piano.


Malauna said...

I didn't think Grandmas are supposed to use words like 'stupid,' especially when describing their own grandkids.

Trever & Heather said...

Hooray! You're hilarious...

Anne Bradshaw said...

Fun blogs. I enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing your life.

Anonymous said...

Hey nae-
Im at lunch at work.

So... the one about the dreams was very much interesting. I thought I knew evrything about you. I also thought i was the only person with many deep and fansicating layers of poteniatl. guess I was wrong!

oh and sad that I used to be part of your favorite thing to do at 8 and 16 but now I dont rank. oh well.
kidding duh.

welp gotta bail.

love ya

Anonymous said...

oh yeah- also-
my apologies for beating you mercilessly at chess.
interesting that while you became disenchanted with games in general, i have often described myself as a game addict. one interesting aspect of how we shaped each other during our shared childhood that I had never thought of before.


so do your cds work?

love ya

Renae said...

yes, the cds were perfect and magnificent. And by the way, you are still on my favorite people in the whole entire world list. So naturally hanging out with you is one of my fav. things to do!