Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dreams And Undiscovered Rooms

Some of you may think I'm being a little corny for sharing this one, but I don't care. As long as I can remember, I've had a recurring dream. I'll have this dream every month or so. It's never exactly the same twice, but the essentials are always there. I'm exploring my house (whatever house I've lived in at the time) -when I was a child, it was often my bedroom- and I'll discover a door or two or three that I had never noticed before. I'll open these doors and find all kinds of rooms that I never knew were there before. Often these rooms would lead to other undiscovered rooms. These are always really cool rooms too. My house is seemingly endless.

I've always found these dreams to be neat, but until recently, I hadn't given them much thought. After I had one of these dreams, about a month ago, I wondered to myself if my subconscious, or maybe even the Lord, is trying to tell me something. What could these rooms mean? Here is my interpretation: I think the rooms are facets of myself, personality traits, undiscovered talents, or characteristics that I haven't developed yet. I think it means that my potential is very far from reached at this point, heck endless. I also think that this could apply to anyone, not just me. We are God's children, and as such, our potential is limitless. So, I started wondering what I need to do to open these rooms. How can I become the person I was created to become?

Well, strangely enough, or maybe not so strangely, I had the dream again, only for the first time in my life, it was a bit different. When I opened the doors to my undiscovered rooms, (I don't know if it means anything but Amy might get a kick out of it, Amy and Sister Faust were there and they helped me open the initial door -this one was hard to open-) anyway the rooms were each occupied by some sort of bum - vagrants in each one of my rooms. I had to ask them to leave, kick them out before I could use my rooms. They were not too nice of bums either. They were not happy to leave, and I had some trouble getting rid of them. I remember explaining to one of them that I was having a new baby and I needed the extra room for my growing family.

So, what does this twist mean? I think it means that I have flaws that I need to get rid of, bad habits, meannesses, unChristlike qualities that are standing in the way of me reaching my true potential. How interesting that this twist had never occurred until I started wondering about the meaning of my dreams and I started to ask myself how to access these "rooms."

Utter hogwash? Maybe, but I think it does make for something interesting to think about. Actually it is true that we all have unimaginable potential. Every one of us. So no, I don't think it is hogwash. What do you think. Please, I am interested in your opinions.


Trever & Heather said...

So glad that you found my blog! I love it when I get new readers- and it's made even better when they're far away cousins (I haven't been out of the state for 3 years so even Idaho is sounding far away to me)! You can also get a glimpse of my brother Ryan's life through Malauna's blog- for which there is a link on my page. I'm not sure if anyone else in the fam blogs though...

Congratulations on the upcoming baby- my vote is for a girl. Having 4 boys in a row would be insane.

I also interpret my dreams all of the time- and they usually make sense to me after I do so (must be a Gibby thing), though I haven't gotten wacky enough to blog about them yet...(must be a Sevier thing).

DanaCheryl said...

Hiya Renae,

Very cool dream! I think that you're right on about the meaning. It's just so incredible that you've been having the same one for so long! I'm continually fascinated by the many ways Heavenly Father speaks to His children.

Also big congrats on the new baby! I just knew there was another up there waiting...

Big hugs and kisses. Hope to see ya soon!

Love ya'll!

timpani76 said...

Ok, I really like this dream. It is unusual for someone to have a dream like that their whole life. You could also interpret it as learning new things your whole life, and that could be why Amy and Sister Foust were helping (both women are in book club, maybe you should join book club? huh? huh?)

I did not know you were pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!! I also vote for a girl, if there is such a vote, and if it mattered one iota.

Renae said...

Thanks, I'm rooting for a girl too.
We'll see. Bruce secretly wants another boy so it can share a bedroom with Justice, and he won't have to build another bedroom. -ha ha.