Friday, November 16, 2007

Help Please

Okay people, I am terribly indecisive, and a notoriously bad visionary when it comes to decorating. I'll pick something out that I think will be great, only to find out that it was a big mistake. Anyway, a wonderful relative of ours has generously offered to buy me a new rug for my living room. The problem is that I can't pick. So, I'm putting it to a vote. Here are a few that I like. (I think). So, if you love me, please please vote. Oh, by the way all of these are made of wool which, from the information I've gleaned, is the most durable kind of material in rugs.




7(just kidding!)


Malauna said...

So Renae, even though we've never met, after reading your blog, I think your personality would match well with rug choice #2 or #5. I love all the pics you post of your hooligan children. Hilarious!

Renae said...

I am so excited! You read my blog. Two Utah cousins in one week. Thank you!

Malauna said...

Technically, we're your Idaho cousins. Lived in Boise these last 8 .5 years.

Amy said...

Hmm... I love #6. Or maybe #2.

Is there a store you can view these in person? They're close to your wall color, so you'd probably want to compare them to your paint chip.

Trever & Heather said...

3 or 6 are my favorites...

timpani76 said...

I vote for #1 or #6 because they both look like they would match several different styles and could be passed down through the ages of family rooms.