Friday, July 27, 2007

Here I Go Again!

You know, I feel bad that I have more post about Justice then I do about all of my other children! But what can I do, that kid makes my life sooo freaking hectic! I can either scream, or laugh and run for the camera. I do both frequently. Here he is just a few minutes ago. He was standing in the sink with the water running and overflowing. The other picture is my library room. He does this to it all the time. He's constantly getting in to something and making a big mess of it.

On another note, I got to get together with some of my Mortensen cousins and their kids today at the park. It was a lot of fun. We had 15 children combined. I brought along Chloe and she was a big hit. I got her when my cousin, Amy moved to Utah, so all of the Mortensen grandkids love her. She got to see her old family again. We got home from the park and Chloe just laid down in front of the door and panted for about a half an hour, completely exhausted from her good time. It was a good time.

Well I've got to run. My house is still a mess from my week of HP and canning.


DanaCheryl said...

Hey Renae, I really miss your kitchen! We had so many good times sitting around your table. I really, really miss it sometimes.

Glad to see that you've recovered from HP syndrome. How are those beans?

Renae said...

I miss having you in my kitchen! The green beans have finallly seen their last, I think. Now it's time for salsa & jelly.