Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here's How My Summer is Going

It's that time of year again. X(
It's green beans this week; I'll be doing salsa till my eyeballs pop out in about a week or two. Then it's grape jelly time. Oh the Joy!
We did a trip to Nauvoo and then to Peoria to visit J & L. (my pics got out of order a bit) We had a good time. Here's Justice sharing Erik's breakfast.

Here's my baby getting into trouble:

On Ross's wheelies
Aren't they sweet!

Here's our trip to Nauvoo we camped out & the weather was not bad actually.
It was a good time.

Lydia at one of the shops
A sign in a shop that caught my attention. I asked if there was a reason for "Frends" to be mispelled. Apparently it was a mistake. I thought it was funny. They had it displayed with all of the other stuff, as if there were nothing wrong with it.


Anonymous said...

urg! green beans?! why would you WANT to grow those? cute pics of the kids though, i must say!!
love ya,

DanaCheryl said...

Yum I love green beans!!! OK I try to love green beans. They're really good coated in Mrs. Dash and pan fried. (I got that idea from Jin Hammond.) Green beans are on my shopping list for next week. Dang, Dang, Dang! Why don't I live closer to Renae?!

Did ya'll get to see the pageant? I'm housesitting for a family that's performing in the pageant. It's a small mormon world, huh?

I'm writing down the killer pancake recipe and I'll let ya know!

Love all ya'll, Dana