Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Little Venting

The day went okay. The weather was great, and I enjoyed a walk with my two youngest boys. Family night was good.

But the past hour and a half... from an entire banana smeared all over the floor that I just mopped earlier today, and a cup of milk splattered on top of that, to an entire shelf of books dumped out, to Clayton (the 2 yr old) giving Ross (the 11 yr old) a fat, bloody lip, to a bunch of boys who just would NOT settle down and go to bed...

Sometimes I just wonder if I'm really cut out for this mothering stuff.

On a lighter note, earlier today when Justice, Clayton and I were out walking with the dog, Justice was pointing out all of the signs that he sees and trying to read them. He did in fact read some of them. He likes to do this kind of thing. Then he tells me all kinds of letter combinations and the words that he thinks they make. As he was doing this he asked me,

"Mom, how do you spell 'sh'?"

"S-H." I tell him, glad that for once he's out of the house, out from in front of the computer screen, and actually using his brain.

"Good. I've been trying to watch The Ultimate Showdown, but I can't spell it." was his reply.

(For those of you who don't know, The Ultimate Showdown is a rather gory cartoonized music video on youtube that Ross and Mark like to watch. Apparently he wanted to know how to spell "sh" as in "Showdown" so he could google it. Sigh!)


timpani76 said...

Kid wrangling can be the hardest job out there sometimes. Don't let anyone tell you any different ;)

Justice is so smart! Tell him he is not allowed to teach QQ how to use the internet ;)

leschornmom said...

Any one with humor like yours is definately cut out for mothering... it's the people with out the ability to laugh about it later that I worry about.
we've all had moments or days like that.
You are awesome!