Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doopity Plop

The other day Justice was crying about something, and flopped face down on the bed. Ha ha! (I think he'd been eating something chocolate.)

I met with a person from the music dept. at a university close by the other day to get a list of things to work on to prepare for auditions and going back to school. True I won't be going back till Clayton is in kg, which won't be until fall 2013, but I'm so freaking excited!!! I can't even tell you! I love school! I love learning! But most of all, I LOVE music!!!! You just have no clue how much of a geek I am about good music. I doubt there is a person alive who loves it more than I do. It may seem a bit daft, with things going the way they are right now economy-wise, to choose to go to school to study music education, but seriously, I just want to learn it all. Even if I never get a job teaching, it will be TOTALLY worth it to learn all that I can. For me, majoring in anything else is absolutely unthinkable. I only wish I had time to do a double major. I REALLY want to study music theory / comp. I'll get to take a lot of those classes too as a music ed. major, but oh the drive I have to learn to write music! Music theory has become my major geek spot. I want to learn EVERYTHING!! Anyway, I'm rambling. You get the picture.

If you missed it on FB, I just finished writing a piano duet. Instead of having one person playing high, and one person playing low, you have the more experienced piano player sitting in the middle of the piano, while a person who is fairly new to piano flits back and forth from the high to the low and back again. At one point the 2nd person entirely pushes the seated person out of the way and makes a run down nearly the entire keyboard, while the seated person gets up and walks around the back of the 2nd and then plays a similar, but more complicated run down the keyboard. I posted the music and a MIDI file (so you can hear how it sounds) here. It's called Foolishness. Got to run folks!


Eyepoke said...

Sounds kool! luurve ya. Glad you are jazzed about more school! Learning is the best.

Beth said...

You are so funny creative!