Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shopping Trip Fail

Well, this wasn't the worst trip I've had to the grocery store in my 12 years of mothering, but it was the first time they threatened to kick me out. Persnickety check-out ladies. All the kid was doing was sitting on the bagging counter. I understand it's a rule, and they are liable if he falls off. Waa! I guess that's what you get for living in the most sue happy county in the country. The check-out ladies at the other Aldi never say a word if the child sits on the bagging counter. Of all the things to threaten to kick me out for. They didn't say a word to me when my kids were waving at people from inside the milk refrigerator. ;-)

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Cassi : ) said...

haha!! The only thing I can't take at the grocery store is when little kids stand up in the front of the cart and the mom isn't watching - it makes my stomach turn because I get so nervous they are going to fall. Haven't had one get inside the refrigerated section YET - that would make me giggle if I was walking past though :)