Friday, June 04, 2010

Bones and Beer

Lydia and Justice were drawing with Grandma the other day. Lydia loves drawing and her practice is starting to show some promise. Above are two of her recent drawings. This one is Justice's. It's a foot. When my mom asked him to tell her about the foot inside the foot, he told her it was the bones.

Mark and Ross had Justice convinced that Kool-Aid was called "beer." They've also convinced him that he should go around and tell everybody how much he loves "beer." When asked what he wants to drink, he'll often respond "Beer." Bruce was drinking something the other day and Justice asked him "Is that soda or beer?"


Anonymous said...

I know Im awesome

Anonymous said...

If you are a fan of crap.

timpani76 said...

My kids are also very fond of beer ;)