Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pool Fail

I tried to set up one of those 3ft deep inflatable pools for the kids today. Unfortunately I did a stupid, and I didn't make sure the ground was level. As I learned, that is an important step in the process. It filled up all lopsided, so what was supposed to be one wall ended up being a floor. After several hours worth of filling, I turned it off and decided it wasn't going to work there. I let the kids get in and splash around in about 2 feet of water. Twice when the kids were playing, the water gushed out over the low side. When I say gush, it looked like one of those AFV clips where the entire pool breaks. Bummer. Such a waste of money and water!


Anonymous said...

you bumbling fool

timpani76 said...

Less of a waste than leaving sprinklers on all day though right? My kids would looooooooooove a pool like that. You are the best mom!