Friday, May 21, 2010

Poop, Poop, Poop and More Poop!!!

Well radio edit! Someone walked off with my double running stroller! VOMIT!! Large intestinal puke! Periodontal fungus! Gangrenous Trench Mouth! Underside of a SMELLY TROLL! One of my kids pushed it up to the edge of the yard and left it there. Someone apparently thought I was getting rid of it, and took it! DARN IT!!

Well, I'm off to Craig's List and Freecycle to see if I can find another one.


timpani76 said...

The exact same thing happened to our double running stroller while we were in the hospital having the baby!!!! It's an epidemic!!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

that's awful! aren't they hella expensive?! if they were well-meaning folks why did they take something that didn't have a note on it saying, "take me". I'd never take anything that didn't have a sign directing me to take it. you should go hunt it down!!!