Monday, May 03, 2010

I Waterboarded My Baby

Yesterday I heard Clayton crying in the kitchen, the kind of cry that gets your attention. I came in to find him standing on my counter top rubbing his eyes with a heavy layer of dish soap covering his face, hands and arms. I quickly picked him up and started rinsing. Since his eyes were my biggest concern, I held his eyes in the stream of running water for a good little bit. Poor little kid, he thought I was drowning him! I felt so bad for him! After a good thorough rinsing, and then a LOT of cuddling, he was fine.

On a sort of related thing, in that it REALLY upset Clayton, Bruce came home from work for lunch the other day. He was sitting at the table with his back against the wall, so it was hard to get out. I was up doing the dishes, and Bruce asked me to fill his glass with some water. He had one of those single powdered drink mixes, so he wanted a specific amount. I filled his glass and he sheepishly asked for a little bit more. Being a smart-alack, I filled his glass to the tippy top and handed it back. "Um that's too much, Renae." says Bruce.

"So drink a little bit." I say.

After Bruce drinks some, he says "Oops, I drank too much. Could you give me a little bit more water?"

To which I responded by squeezing out my washcloth into his glass. To which Bruce responded by tossing the contents of his water glass on me. At which I gasped in shock. We were just playing with each other. But the second that Bruce threw water on me and I did that big gasp, Clayton absolutely screamed in horror! It took some hugs and a bit of reassurance that Mom and Dad were okay to calm Clayton down. What a sensitive kid! I feel bad for kids whose parents actually fight with each other!

Oh, and one more thing that made me do a sad sigh today. Lydia mispronounced the name of her old imaginary friend. She's growing up on me.


Mary said...

Poor baby! I'm sorry he had to go through that.

On the other hand, your water story cracked me up! You guys are funny!

timpani76 said...

Uggh, dish soap is worse than shampoo! Poor little guy.

His reaction to you getting water thrown on you was hilarious! I'm not sure why. Did he think mommy was getting water boarded too?

DP said...

I'm still laughing that you squeezed the washcloth out into his glass. That's awful! And awesome.

Bruce said...

i didnt feel the least bit bad for throwing the water on her. dish water in your drinking cup is nasty.

Trever and Heather said...

Next time- spit in it.
(Just make sure he knows!)

timpani76 said...

Oh, and Erik laughed pretty hard at the title of your post!

JG said...

Why, Heather? Spitting is good because you can put it in one drop at a time until it's perfect!

Dana Cheryl said...

I love your fiesty side Renae!!! :)