Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introducing Clarissa and More Construction

Introducing Clarissa
Out of boredom, Lydia dressed Clayton up like a girl. He was a good sport, and he made a cute girl.

More Construction

The home improvements are ever on-going. No, my kitchen is still not finished. I am getting there by baby steps. We got the ceiling up several months ago. After a couple of MESSY mudding and sanding episodes, I am finally to the texturizing stage. I have half of the ceiling texturized. Lydia is extremely happy that we've finally gotten a central heater / air conditioner unit installed upstairs. Her room, along with J & C's room, the bathroom, and the library are all comfortable year round now. Yesterday we had a few guys come over and help with our insulation project. They built subwalls, insulated and got the drywall up in both Lydia & Justice and Clayton's rooms. THANK YOU to our helpers!! Now we just have our bedroom, and the library to insulate. Then it will be quickly on to two complete bathroom remodels (including insulation).

I just love the way that little boys are always wanting to be part of whatever the guys are doing. Justice spent most of the day yesterday driving three inch nails into a scrap piece of wood. He actually got pretty good at it. He was coming in every few minutes for a new nail at the end of the day. Ross, Mark and Clayton eventually caught on. Ross and Mark started nailing pieces of wood together to make things.

Here is Mark with his creation Laser Eyes, and Ross with a "shrine" that he built.

Here is Ross' latest creation: "Boromir after he met up with an army of orcs."


Anonymous said...

that boromir thing is hilarious!


JG said...

Really thought it was a girl.

JG said...

And love the name Clarissa.