Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lunch at Home

To the tune of "Love at Home" :

There is gravy all around,
when there's lunch at home.
Mashed potatoes in a mound,
when there's lunch at home.

Steak with green beans on the side,
slab of bread that's 2 feet wide.
All this laced with cyanide
when there's lunch at home.

Lunch at Home,
Lunch at Home!
What the freak?! It's homicide,
when there's lunch at home!


Eyepoke said...

your words are poison

Renae said...

I think changing the the third line of the last stanza to something about "murder suicide" would be funnier. But, I'm a sicko, so what do I know ;)

Renae said...

Ooops! That was Timpani posting on Renae's computer!

Renae said...

Oooh, but I'm so much prettier as Renae, maybe I'll just use her ID all the time....