Friday, September 18, 2009

Lydia's Life with Four Brothers

First, Clayton took Lydia's favorite doll for a swim in the toilet. Then later on today, I took Ross and Mark with me to pick Lydia up from her school (middle school - land of people needing to be "cool"). Ross was trying his hardest to embarrass her. As soon as we got even close to the school, Ross rolled down the window, leaned out and started screaming and waving his arms at all of the kids. He kept yelling "I'm a dolphin, and my sister is Lydia Eldridge!!" Unfortunately for him, Lydia didn't seem embarrassed at all. She seemed to be enjoying it!


timpani76 said...

Lydia does seem pretty patient with her gaggle of geeks. I think it helps that she has the confidence of being the oldest.

Becca said...

Well, look at the post right before this one. Where did they learn to try to harass siblings? Fun stuff.

Eyepoke said...

A dolphin. Awesome.