Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's Been Going On

Where to start?

A bunch of us went to the zoo last weekend. It was a good time! Here I am with Justice, Clayton & Lydia inside the hippo.

The Guy Who Looks Naked:
Mark and I have been laughing at some guy that we see every time I drive him to school. I think he must have a car pool that picks him up for work in front of his house around 8:00 every morning. He's always wearing these khaki / tan overalls. The first day that we saw him, he was wearing a matching shirt too. From down the street, he looks naked. Mark and I look for him, and laugh at him every day.

I Think I Hear OSHA Calling:
It's been a bad week for safety around my house. Clayton learned how to open the baby gate that keeps him from going up and down the stairs. He's getting better at going down the stairs, but he still makes me nervous. I've taken to scooting a couch in front of the stairs. Also I caught Justice standing on his toy box and leaning head and shoulders out of his 2nd story bedroom window. I'm hoping that I just forgot to pop out those safety tabs (those things that only let the window open a couple of inches), and NOT that he figured out how to push the tabs in to open the window all the way. I don't think I want to handle both of those developments in one week.

The Lizard:
Ross found a lizard in our basement. It really freaked him out. After about 1/2 hour of chasing it around the basement, I managed to catch it in a tin can, because I am mighty. I wasn't even scared of it (well after a tiiiiny second). Then I set it free outside. Mark & Jonni thought it was pretty cool.

The Park:
Jonni (my niece) came over, and we went to the park. The weather was perfect! The kids played in the dirt, played in a stream, built a bridge, climbed on a train, and just had an all around good time.
Random Gratuitous Shots of My Kids:





Finally, What could be better than Cousins and Ice Cream?!

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lizS said...

jonni totally had a ton of fun too! she told us the next day that home is 'boring'. lol!!