Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Big Race 2009

Here's a picture with all of the Team Godzilla's (who I bike with) that showed up to race. I'm all the way in the back right corner, standing next to Hagrid.
There were also quite a few from Team Alton (the group that I run with), but we didn't get a picture.Here, just to be fair, here's Team Alton at a different race.

The world is upside down! I beat Bruce, Todd and John at the triathlon. My time was 1:21:30, Bruce's time was 1:21:32, and Todd's time was 1:21:43. I don't know what John did. I beat my own best time by over 2 minutes, and though I've placed at that race before, my time was only fast enough for 5th in my division. DARN! There were a LOT of people there today! It's all about who turns up to race. Oh well! I do have to admit that neither Bruce, John nor Todd had their best year. Still, a win is a win. Yay me!

Trent put in an awesome race! He finished in 1:13:33 which took 2nd in his division. He also beat Terry (my MEGA-SVELTE FIL) who won his division with a 1:15:02. Both of them set new personal records. They stagger the start times in this race, starting a new person in the pool every 30 seconds. Trent started around 5 minutes before me, so when we were on the bikes, it worked out that he was precisely one lap ahead of me. We were neck and neck the whole time that we were both biking. He's a MUCH faster runner than I am though. I stood no chance after he dropped off the bike.

Bruce started swimming 30 seconds after I did. He had a phenomenal swim, and passed me within our first lap in the pool. He also out biked me, but not by a lot. During our first running lap, I spotted him ahead of me. I gradually ran him down though. I was just fast enough to make up my 30 second head start and beat him by 2 more seconds. HA HA!! I'm still a little bummed that I didn't place. Oh well. There were close to 500 racers this year. Maybe next year.


timpani76 said...

500 racers? Wow! How do they keep track of all your times and stuff?

I'm sure we'll hear how well John did on his blog ;)

Renae said...

Your number bib thing has some kind of electronic ID in it. They scan it at the finish line and subtract the time that you started. (IE: I started 23 minutes after the first person in the pool, so they took my finish time and subtracted 23 minutes.)

Eyepoke said...

Nice Job Renae. Queen for the day. Next year will be very interesting with Trent and Todd out of the picture. I'm sending in my paper work this week, enough with the crappy start times!

JG said...

Congratulations to a real woman!! Proud to be a Gibby Girl!!!