Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This That and The Other Thing

Here's Clayton, drinking from a bottle (a new thing), and he's holding it himself! I feel drunk with the freedom! Here's my Valentine's Day present to Bruce. I've told him MANY times not to get me chocolates as a present. (Like I need more things to tempt me!) So, he got me some other things and put them in a chocolate's box, just so he could laugh at me when I balked at him giving me chocolate (which I did, and he did laugh). So, I turned around and reused the box to give him his presents in.
Believe it or not, Justice (the three year old) pulled this stunt first (with no shirt on). Ross and Mark trying to be the copy-cats, and not quite pulling it off with as much style.

And here are my children shouting obscenities in the nude.

(Yeah, it's a joke as old as the hills, but the kids thought it was hilarious.)


Eyepoke said...

I like the obscenities in the nude. I'd forgotten about that.

Dana Cheryl said...

I'd never heard that one! Honestly you must either being tearing your hair out or laughing uncontrollably all day long. lol!

Renae said...

did ya all notice that the heart shaped box looks liked a no love sige with the tape across it.

Bruce said...

i said that not renae. she was still logged in. she CLAIMS to not having the tape look like that on purpose. Froidian slip?

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

Well Bruce, you now know how she truly feels about you.

And really, your children are shouting obscenities in the nude in front of the neighbors. What must they think? I'd be calling DCFS on you if I were them. ;) And I loved the staircase. It looks painful to me now, but I remember doing that kinda thing when I was a kid...what was I thinking?

5rosebuds said...

Hey! Your little Clayton is such a cutie! He's grown a lot since I've seen him last! Yea for the bottle - I remember those days!

Sarah Flib said...

Wow, Clayton is so big compared to when I saw him back in August! He's a cutie.