Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

Yes, it just might have been the perfect day yesterday. The weather gave us a wonderful break, and was totally awesome. I got up at 6 am, with the intent to meet my running group and run with them. However, I fiddled around just a bit too long, and ended up running late. I could have tracked them down in the car and still run with them, but I decided to save time and just run from home. Lydia ended up coming along, riding her bike next to me, so it ended up better than running with my friends (sorry guys, but quality time with my daughter trumps).

When I got home, we got everyone ready, and took advantage of the beautiful weather, and spent the day at the zoo as a family. We ran into my brother Todd and his wife there, which was cool (at least for us, we slowed them down quite a bit). Here are a few pics:

Mark and Lydia being goofy

Here's Lydia posing while pretending like she doesn't know I'm taking her picture.

Mark and Ross


The kids were a bit pooped on the way home.
However, they perked up once we got to my parents house for a short birthday fling for my niece, Jonni.

John's kids were their usual selves. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

I missed the shot I wanted here. Bruce was taking a short snooze on the floor, and Clayton was sticking his fingers up Bruce's nose.

Next Bruce and I got to have a date. We went to the annual Team Godzilla (Metro Tri-Club) banquet, which was as always, a very good time. Someone gave me this picture there. It's Brad Wever (my piano student, and fellow Godzilla) and me together in 2008's River Road Run. I'm posting it because it is the one and only race picture of me in existence that actually looks good.
All of the others look more like this one:


timpani76 said...

Ok, that last picture was the worst picture I've seen of you. I laughed when I saw it just because it was such a contrast to the pretty racer picture.

I can't wait until Vance is old enough to ride his bike while I run!

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

Wow. That sounds like a super busy day! But good.