Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Thing That I'm Not Sure That I Should Allow My Children To Do

Fun With a Fan!


Okay, only dorks forget that you can't hold the camera sideways when you are doing video.


lizS said...

great pics! and thanks for reminding me i should be enjoying this time with my children, instead of screaming at them (perment marker on my floor or not), and renae, you are crazy. and soon to be the owner of a broken ceiling fan. you rock! i hope i can be renae when i grow up. unconcerned about things like broken ceiling fans! you're the best!

Brad Carter said...

Nice Randy Hanzlick quote by your kid!

Brad Carter said...

Oh, and I'm guilty of digital camera sideways videos too. You are not alone.

Dana Cheryl said...

Ya'll could be a reality show! I mean that as a compliment!!!

Love ya!

Bruce said...

i(as the person who will be the one who has to replace it) was not in the room when they were doing this. i think we will call the show "its easier to say yes"