Friday, February 09, 2007

In The Mean Time...

I know we're all waiting for the big mystery to be solved, but since I can't do that yet, here is what else has been happening around here:

Mark as usual.

The J-Bird as usual.

We had our first slumber party! It was fun. A great group of girls!
Can't believe she's nine already!

Mark and Zach's handy work.

Quite the pair! Love 'em so much!

My life just got a lot busier! Jinorman has learned to climb. Argh!


Anonymous said...

ha! j-bird has finally learned to climb! well, i feel your pain, girl, and i've been feelin' it since erik was 5 months old!! i do believe that is the only thing erik has beat justice in so far, and it's the one thing i wish he'd never learned!!!!

timpani76 said...

Ha ha! This is so funny since I just caught Quisqueya on top of a box yesterday, trying to get on top of a chair. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Renae said...

Look out Timpani! The climbing is coming soon!