Friday, February 23, 2007


We were at Family Math Night at the kids school last night, and getting ready to leave when Ross saw a cute little girl that he evidently had some fondness for. He ran up to her and did something. (I didn't see that part). She chased him back, and he hid from her. His face was so red! He was all giggly, and trying to hide from her. It was really cute/funny. He obviously had a crush! Too funny. I'm not doing a good job of describing it. Lydia was teasing him on the way home (we all were, but Lydia was going a bit too far with it), and I had to remind her that I knew a secret about a crush of her own. That shut her up in a hurry!

I told her that I put something about her and a boy on my blog (Mr. Rogers). I've been dangling that bit of teasing over her head for a couple of days. She was worried. Ha Ha!

Are my children are growing up too fast, or what?


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!!

I added your blog to my favorites. I check on ya'll regularly just wanted to say howdy. This is such a fun idea you may just inspire me to create a blog. :)

xoxo Dana

Renae said...

Hey Dana! Thank you so much! Be sure to let me know if you do start a blog, so I can check it out! Love ya bunches!

Anonymous said...

yo! dana! that's kinda cool. let me know if you have a blog too. i will be sure to enlighten you with my wisdom, charm and wit as i already do for renae. :)

Anonymous said...

OK girls ya'll have totally inspired me. Since there are actual people who'd really visit it I'll start one. I'll let ya'll know when I get it up and running. Ya'll rock!!