Saturday, August 12, 2006

Triathalon Time

Well, I made it again! And I didn't end up walking (I was a little afraid that I might). I didn't have much time to get ready for this one. Too many kidlets running around to be able to get out as much as I'd have liked to. I only got to ride my bike once before the race this year. My time was 1:30:25. This is my 2nd best time, out of four years. The best time was the only year, so far, that I've done it when I hadn't either been pregnant or had a baby within the past 6 months. Here's the breakdown:

2001 1:37:51 -- pregnant with Mark
2002 1:35:08 -- gave birth 4 months earlier
2003 1:29:14 -- nothing to prohibit
2004 did not compete -- too poor, or too tight to put up the entry fee
2005 did not compete -- too pregnant
2006 1:30:25 -- gave birth 6 months earlier

I know that my times aren't all that competitive. I came in 44th of 96 women (10th of the 19 women in my age bracket). I guess that pretty much makes me exactly in the middle. But, overall I am happy with what I did. Next year I'll really do good. I'm planning to do a 10 mile run in November. I'll have to start stretching my run out a bit! Something to keep me in shape! I want to find one race to do every season, so I'll always have something to be working up to.

The triathlon is becoming something of a family tradition. This year, Bruce, his dad, all of my siblings (John, Todd, Ashley and Trent) and myself all competed. Terry (Bruce's dad), Todd, Ashley and Trent all placed in their age divisions. Of the seven of us, here's how we came in:

Todd 1:09:34
John 1:16:58
Terry 1:17:17
Trent 1:19:25
Bruce 1:23:24
Renae 1:30:25
Ashley 1:40:04

We made the front page of the local newspaper! There's a picture of Terry running away from the pool, with Lydia and McKenna Wall cheering, and Marilou taking her notes. She sits on the corner every year, with 3 stop watches on her wrist, and records our times out of the pool and for every lap around on our bikes & on foot. She keeps these forever for comparisons. She still has my times from five years ago.

I took my camera, so I could get pics of all of us together, or so someone could take pics of the race itself. However, the only pictures that I got were of Justice tasting his first pizza, at the feast afterwards. Oh well!

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