Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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Eye Poke said...

HI renae-
have you seen this? I cant find your email address but this is almost as good except anybody in the world can read it, and so I can not talk about private secret things like My Plan To Take Over, or my Death Ray, or the copy of Harry Potter 7 that I hacked from JK's personal PC, or my alternative personalities and how I dress when I switch over, and the secret things Mormons do in the temple, and all that other secret stuff that i normall tell you aboutin email. Also, I wonder if humans can be crossed with chimps? I seriously don't think they can be, but a more interesting question is, what would a creature/person be like that could sucessfully be crossed with a human, but not be in the same species? Like you can cross lions and tigers and get ligers but most ligers are sterile and if they are not the offspring of ligers usually is. or horses and donkeys and zebras. or whales and dolphins (TRUE- wholphins exist) anyhow what would a human cousin species be like? Like maybe a giant would be like that... Like could hagrid and madam maxine ever have children? if its like ligers, then hagrid is almost definitely sterile (the males usually are- at leats noone has ever seen one that was not) but Madam Maxine might not be. So maybe it'd be like that, like a giant or something. Or a troll. And would we think they were just totally ugly? probably... but maybe not. I wonder if such a thing exists some where in the universe. But i dont think chimps are it, they really are pretty non human.

so anyway we had a pretty good party here last night, about an even dozen teenagers from church over playing DDR and sword fighting in the back yard and we had a fire. Lots of noise. and they recommended the above link to me. and it was funny.


ok well Im off
love ya-
wise wise eyepoke