Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Son, Ross is a Nutter!

Here's a story that Ross told us last night. I did my best to write it down as he was narrating:

The Dangerous Box -- by Ross, age six

Once there was a Dangerous Box. Since the first professor died, there's only one professor now. And the professor was working in his office one day. But today, since his bug, boss professor was dead, he had to study rugs.

The rugs were in boxes that were old. The last box was the Dangerous Box. But he did not open it, because he knew it was the Dangerous Box. He saw his bug, professor teacher open it. He saw that this was no ordinary box. When his bug, professor teacher opened it, he saw that the rug inside made it even more dangerous. He didn't open it.

He went to bed early, because he was so tired from studying rugs all day. But at night a big boy and his little sister snuck in. They didn't know that the glowing box was the Dangerous Box. They thought the professor just put a flashlight on to see the Box. They got the professor's opening tools and opened the Box.

Their mother and father never saw their children again! The Dangerous Box had the power to kill people.

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