Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday To MMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it! What a find! I just stumbled onto something really cool. Thank you to whoever did it! I really don't know who or how. I just stumbled onto about eleven cds worth of music (that I think that I will really like) in a music folder that I did not know existed on my computer!!!!! YAY YAY HOORAY!!!! Some wonderful friend of mine, with good taste, must have come over, at some point, with a bunch of cds and downloaded them onto my computer. Neither Bruce nor I can remember who or when, but what a find! My only guess is Emily McClaine, but why, I don't know. Did we need music to play for prelude at some stake choir thing? But 11 cds worth? Who knows. But way cool! This is me doing the dance of joy!!!
thank you whoever you are!

On top of that has a bunch on new music to download and lots of new sheet music. As I've been DYING for something new to play around with on my piano, this is could be really cool! Anyone who knows of some good sites to download good piano music for free, please tell me!! I've been known to spend an hour or more a day at the piano (cuz I love it, and someday I want to be really really good). But lately, I've nothing that I want to play. I'm sick of all of my music. Actually, I recently spent about $35 on new music, but that doesn't go as far as one would hope. Plus, I'm really poor, so I can't afford to do that very often. Anyway, I've played Sally DeFord to death. Love her, but I need something new. I know its out there, but where do I find all of the good music?

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