Thursday, May 19, 2011


Monday: Dr. appt. 45 minutes away, two ball games at the same time. Tuesday: Muddy dog, two REALLY REALLY muddy little boys on the floor that I JUST FINISHED CLEANING, threw kids in shower while I went outside to hose off muddy clothes; shower clogged, came in with hosed off clothes which I took to the laundry room to find water from the clogged shower pouring through the ceiling, ran upstairs hollering my head off, freshly cleaned floor, walls, cabinetry COVERED in mud with a small lake to boot, boys loving splashing in the clogged shower, turn off shower, shop vac floor & shower, re-clean floor, time to get ready for older kids' band concert. Wednesday: Two ball games and church activities. Thursday: Go to Ross' school for living museum, yay for visiting Sister-in-Law!! Friday: Help with Fun Day at Ross' school. Saturday: GIRLS' NIGHT OUT!!! Sunday: Church. Monday: Help with Mark's Fun Day, two ball games.....

Life as a mom of mixed age kids: I'm there.

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timpani76 said...

At least the girl's night out was a success!