Wednesday, November 03, 2010

You Can Pick Your Dog, and You Can Pick Your Nose...

Last night as I was putting the little boys to bed, Justice says, "Dogs don't have bugers in their noses do they?"

"Sure they do."

"But how do they get them out?"

"I don't think it bothers them, or they can just (blows air out through nose)."

"I can help Ally get her bugers out!"

"No, just leave it alone!"


CC said...
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Dana Cheryl said...

Well, if it helps... When a dog has an excess of snot they snort repeatedly clearing it from their sinuses and usually they swallow it. However, because a dogs nose is so different from us they usually don't have problem unless they have allergies like my dog and then they get to take an allergy pill once a day during allergy season. :)

p.s. The above comment was me. I hit the send before meaning to.