Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not Yet Anyway

It makes me happy that my kids still want me to walk them to the bus stop. What makes me even happier is that they still like it when I'm silly around their friends. Yesterday I walked to the bus stop with the kids, and I was in a jolly mood. Lydia started me in on our game (which originated with my father) of pretending that we have rules against smiling or laughing. I very sternly tell all the kids that we must not laugh or smile, or else there will be punishments. "No Laughing, only Crying!" This, of course produces laughter from the kids (fake at first). I have to get more insistent that no one laugh. "And we don't hug either, only smacks!" More laughter. More insistence. So it goes, until I can't help but crack a smile or laugh myself. Then I have to start spanking myself, or hitting myself in the head. Now the kids are rolling.

A few minutes later I was singing "YMCA" and crazy disco dancing, with the Ed Grimly dance thrown in there a few times. As the bus pulled away, I Ed Grimlyed some more. It makes me extremely happy that Lydia still likes it when I act silly in front of all her friends! She's not embarrassed by her weirdo mom, not yet anyway


lizS said...

silly moms are the best! i wish mine were a little more silly. i try to be more, but john just steals the show!

Renae said...

Yep, John is silly enough for the both of you. You might as well face it: You'll never beat him in that area.

lizS said...

i can't beat him in any area!! it's totally frustrating to be married to the perfect man. well, i can beat him in the looks department for sure, so there's one thing at least...;)

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL! This is a great post. I think that Lydia will grow up to be a lot like you Renae. Spiritual, beautiful, smart, musical, & silly. It's a great combination.

Liz I feel for ya! You're right though you've got the looks. :)

Oh funny story... My roommate & I were on your blog yesterday Renae. We skipped down to YMCA on your playlist & danced around the kitchen doing the YMCA motions! Good times.

Your blog brings joy to all. :)

Renae said...

Hang on a few days. I've got a silly time waster that I've been working on that will have us all dancing to YMCA!

Dana Cheryl said...

Can't wait! I'll be checking in. :)

Bruce said...

every body now

young man i was once in your shoes
i was down and out with the blues

Anonymous said...

This were most funny fer me ter read. you funny. Renae you are preety stinking goofy. Yet you manage to stike a sort of balance with it anyway... like ... normal people think you are funny, but not mental.

Luuuve ya