Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mr. Negativity

Ross is a chronic pessimist. He's a wonderful boy, full of love and creativity. He does, however have a serious streak of pessimism. He can have just a wonderful day, full of all of his favorite things, but one thing goes wrong, and he'll complain about how it was the worst day ever. I'm actually afraid that he gets at least some of this from me.

Yesterday, he was complaining about having to do his homework. I was getting frustrated, and tired of listening to his whining. I pointed out that he could have been done long ago, if he'd just quit complaining and do the work. I said "Honestly Ross, I don't know anyone who complains as much as you do." To which he replied "I do. You. You murmur all the time." Touche Ross, I do need to work on that one.


lizS said...

isn't it funny how our kids are like us? jonni has my temper, poor girl. they get the good stuff too though!! erik is so like his daddy in temperment, easy going, and laid back, it sometimes makes me laugh out loud! fun stuff!

timpani76 said...

Oooh, Quisqueya definitely has my temper. She can throw ten tantrums a day, and still not be done. So tiring some days to have to drag her out of every store kicking and screaming!

Vance seems to have missed the temper tantrum train (yay!) but has for too much of my stubborness.

Why can't they both be sweet pushovers like their father? :)

Bruce said...

you all should try taking care of justice for a week, he got my temperment. he is practicly a carbon copy of me in most ways. you can ask renae, she will tell you its true.