Monday, October 22, 2007

Relay 2007

This last weekend, John, Bruce, Terry, Todd, Ashley and I all did a relay race as a team. It was a lot of fun. (I can say that now, I didn't think so toward the end of the race). We each took turns running approx. 3.5 miles, three times. It worked out that we each ran about 10-11 miles total. The race was 62.5 miles long.
Here are some of our pics.

Todd Running

We all thought it was funny that this car (the Coroner) was driving around at the race. I think he was one of the race officials.
Here's the flying nun and I waiting to run.
Miss Ashley kicked some major booty. She ran first and put us into second place. It didn't last forever though. (Eventually I had to run -ha ha!)
Bruce says this is a horrible picture. Here we are hanging out in the van while someone else is running.

After. Can you tell who ran the last leg?!
(He's holding the baton, and looking distressed).

Here's John trying to hand off the baton about 2 miles early.
You can't tell it in this picture,

but this is "Killer Hill." He's actually going up it. Steep, and long

Someone wrote this on "Killer Hill." We all had a laugh, and agreed.

That's about what I felt like. (It was my last leg.)


Anonymous said...

good pics. wish I looked better running... maybe if I quit wearing rags... maybe if I was 15lbs lighter.

was a good time. Thanks for the pics!

lizS said...

first i will say that to get up at four am to drive two hours to run all day, and then drive two hours back takes someone of a very particular caliber of insanity.
and now, i will take a moment of pure selfishness to tell everone that i, liz the great, have a new blog. yes, you heard right, you are not dreaming, i have a blog. here's the address;
i expect everyone to treat my blog as i have treated theirs, and get their booties over the post haste! love y'all!