Sunday, January 21, 2007


Okay, Amy tagged me a few days ago with this one: List six weird things about yourself. Here goes.

1) I guess the weirdest thing about me is that I often get the urges to act really silly / weird out in public. I have to reign myself in. For instance, I'll walk by a trash can, in the store, and get the urge to run over, stick my head inside and scream really loud (not out of anger, or frustration or anything of that sort, just out of silliness). Or in a sober meeting, I'll get the urge to stand up and yell something really silly. I get the urges to go up to strangers and say things like "Booga, Booga!" I'll get the urge to startle someone that I don't know with a loud "Bleah!" from behind. Things like that. I mostly keep it in check, (now that I'm a responsible grown up -ahem) but when I go out without my children, I get giddy, and it often bubbles over. Don't worry, I'm completely harmless! Just a little strange, at times. I could write for hours on all of the silly things that I have done in my lifetime, but I won't.

1 1/2) (It kind of goes along with #1) I tend to get the giggles at unfortunate times. Things will strike me funny, which no one else will see, and I'll start to giggle. Why are things funnier when you shouldn't be laughing?

2) I really like pickles on steak. It's yummy!

3) I Love Monty Python and Mr. Bean! So funny! I don't know that that really counts as weird though. Loads of people like them. But my first weird thing encompasses so much, that I don't have much left after that.

4) I get up at 4:30am to go running, and I like it!

5) I grew up with no television in the house. It broke when I was a baby, and my parents decided that they liked it better without a tv, so they didn't get another one until after I was grown up and moved away.

6) I prefer hot to cold normally. I hate to be cold! I'd keep my house at 75 degrees, in the winter, if I could afford it. I go around all fall and winter indoors, with a fleece jacket on over my regular cloths. But when I'm running, I'd much prefer that it were cold outside. I'd rather go running in 10 degree weather than 85 degrees. I don't sweat enough, so when I'm running, I hold all my heat inside. I can't run at all if it gets past about 80 degrees outside. I try, but I just can't! I have to go early in the morning, or in the evening, in the summertime. When its cold outside, I love to run! It pretty much can't get too cold for me to go running (at least not here in the mid-west USA- the Antarctic- yeah, probably).

Okay, that's it for weirdo, Renae! I hope no one is scared of me now.


amy said...

What a wacko! Great... now I can't hang out with you anymore. Why didn't you ever TELL me you were so weird?

(Oh, and when you do tell your stories... let's just try to leave my part out of it, 'kay? 'Kay.)


Brad Carter said...

I'm glad that you're still Booga Boogaing people after all these years.